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Published Sep 6, 2017

The Best Portable Vaporizers & Vape Pens

When you are on the go, it is best to keep your marijuana consumption to the minimum. But many people would prefer if there was a discreet method of inhalation while traveling.

Although you may not get the same effect as inhaling from a heavy bad rig, smoky joint or gaudy pipe, it gives some sort of consolation while you are on the go. Here are some of the best portable vaporizer that will help offer a quick hit without attracting the attention of passersby. That way you can consume your favorite cannabis products in peace.

Linx Vapor Ares

This is a portable vaporizer that looks like a pen. It is a discreet device that doesn’t require any loading. It could be worn in the shirt pocket without anyone noticing the vaporizer.

Magic Flight Muad Dib Concentrate Kit

This is another discreet device that will help you hide your marijuana consumption in public. It doesn’t look like the traditional vape pen. In fact, the device is crafted from walnut with golden accents fitted to it. It looks like a little wooden contraption - steampunk-style. You can hide the device in plain sight since it easily fits in your palm. https://bestportablevapes.wordpress.com/

Pax 3

This handy vaporizer by PAX can hold cannabis extracts as well as loose leaf flower. The device doesn’t look like a vaporizer at first glance. The Pax 3 looks like a tech gadget found in a technical manual.

Dr. Dabber’s Ghost Kit

This vaporizer is ideal for anyone who relishes the flavor and scent of their oil and wax. The device runs on low heat so that it can offer the maximum flavor to the user. The tiny frame of the device helps you to conceal the vaporizer and enjoy your vaping in peace. Vape pens: The highs and lows of weed vaporizers

Hmbldt Bliss

This vape pen guarantees over 200 doses of CBD or THC - at 2.25mg per dose. You can have these doses in a variety of effects - from “Bliss” to “Sleep.” With this recyclable pre-packaged pen, you don’t have to worry about purchasing different concentrates since you are already covered in this area.

Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer From Kandy Pens

Kandy Pens is a reliable producer of discreet vape pens on the market today. The Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer is a top-notch device from the manufacturer. The black and gold design of the pen compliments any outfit you wear. In fact, the vape pen would easily blend with whatever you choose to wear. You should have this pen in your pocket for a fashionable but secret session of vaping.

O2 Vape The Stainless Steel Vape Pen

This vape pen is sleek enough to slide into any secret pocket in your outfit. The pen is quite lightweight that you can easily carry it to any place without drawing the attention of any visitor.

C02 Extracted Vape Pen By Dixie Elixirs

This vape pen is ideal for a vaping session on a busy day. The disposable vape pen comes with 300mg of pure C02 extracted oil. In fact, you are ready to go anytime when you purchase this pen.

IndigoPro Vaporizer By IndigoPro

The IndigoPro vaporizer has a deep purple-blue hue and a nondescript carrying case. In fact, you can carry the device wherever you go without anyone noticing it. It would give the user a clean hit without a burnt aftertaste.

All In One Vape Pen By W Vapes

The disposable vape pen is pre-loaded with 420mg of cannabis. It is easy to use and transport at the same time. You won’t have to worry about purchasing, loading, and cleaning the pen since these are already done for you.

Best Portable Vaporizers For Dry Herbs

A portable vaporizer for dry herbs is a great new way to use the wide assortment of herbs you may enjoy. Finding which of the top vaporizer is right for you starts with your budget. Luckily, the price range of these devices is vast. They start at about $20 and top out at around $300. Of course, pricing can vary depending on where you live.

Over the course of the past ten years, vaping has become extremely popular among Americans and is now successful enough to ensure the growth of the technology. For dry herbs, you will need a special tank that is different from those for concentrates and wax, so finding the best vaporizers that allows the use of dry herbs is essential if vaporizing these herbs is what you seek.

The first portable vaporizer we will discuss that can make use of dry herbs is the V2 Pro Series 7 visit http://vaporizerstar.com - portable vaporizer for more information. This unit is able to use not only these dry herbs but other vape products (wax and oil). The V2 is considered to be a mini-vape, but should not be under estimated due to its size. This device packs a lot of power and is available for the great price of $120.

Another great dry herb portable vaporizer is the VaporFi Atom. This device provides a great, smooth experience for the user due to the preferred temperature it possesses. The use of too high of a temperature will ruin your dry herbs, so this is definitely a feature to be on the lookout for. This model is equipped with a digital display screen of the desired temperature, so it’s worth researching when looking for a portable device to purchase. It is strongly preferred by the dry herb user.

The third portable vaporizing device worth mentioning is the Mig Vapor Matrix. This vaporizer is a lower-priced model that comes in many colors for personal choice, and usually, comes standard with a built-in storage area. This feature makes it a highly sought after product. The top two features found in this fantastic portable device are the grinder and storage area. You can also choose the temperature that you want to create your vapor. Depending on where you get your herbs, the moisture content may vary.

Some of the dry herbal strains you can vaporize and inhale, like Lions Tail and Mug-worth Cut, will have a different temperature needed to garner the best use. Also look out for how you store your dry herbs, as they all draw water out of the air. The use of wet herbs can damage your unit and cost you a lot of money in replacements. It can also put added stress on your coils and battery. So be sure to do your research when you are looking for a new portable vaporizer that can help you inhale your dry herbs. Be sure to be safe and smart when you vape, and follow the laws set in place where you live. Soon, you’ll be enjoying your dry herbs at home and on the go!